Accessibility Peer Plan Reviews

Ensure accessibility compliance from the start

The accessibility peer plan review is an examination of the civil, architectural, construction and landscape plans and details specifically for any issues or limitations concerning accessibility. The principal emphasis is on ADA/State Accessibility and Fair Housing Act compliance requirements. The key accessibility elements that are often of high concern are closely reviewed such as path of travel, accessibility-related construction systems and details, material selections, and signage.

Pacific InterWest’s primary focus is to ensure construction plans incorporate the following:

  • An adequate path of travel is provided;
  • Accessibility-related construction documents are complete;
  • Accessibility-related construction systems and signage meet the necessary standards;
  • Accessibility-related construction materials are appropriate for their intended purpose;
  • Accessibility construction details satisfy functionality and durability criteria;
  • Design choices minimize the Client’s exposure to equitable accessibility issues.

In the course of performing our construction document evaluations, emphasis is placed on eliminating potential future problems. The issues evaluated include possible clearance problems, possible material and system failures, inappropriate details, slopes, and environmental deficits (e.g., inadequate visual color contrast or fire alarm visual notification). We help you reduce avoidable expenditures by identifying unnecessarily complicated assemblies.

Pacific InterWest’s peer plan review product deliverables consist of a written summary of our observations and findings in an itemized tabular format, and a redlined set of drawings relating our findings to the exact drawing sheet references. Each issue addressed is clearly identified by the drawing sheet and/or page of the construction documents on which it is found. Redlined drawings and peer plan review comments are provided electronically in portable document format (PDF) so the comments can be efficiently compared to the drawings and all peer plan review documentation can be easily archived.

Once the peer plan review findings are delivered to the Client and architect, PIW is available to discuss significant issues or questions. A debriefing meeting or teleconference is conducted with the key project personnel to review our findings and recommendations. PIW is available for this meeting to clarify the plan review findings and to offer assistance to the Client with regard to plan changes.

PIW staff assigned to supervise and perform plan reviews are California licensed architects or a CASp reviewer with no less than 10 years’ experience with projects similar to yours.

excerpt from construction documents redlined for accessibility concerns
excerpt from ADA redlined construction documents
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