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We offer three outstanding home building industry publications for property developers or homeowners to utilize and understand industry guidelines for residential construction. All have the common theme of home building quality control, SB 800 Construction compliance, and industry standards of care. Consumer expectations, workmanship guidelines and standards, and structured maintenance programs are emphasized throughout each publication.

Our residential property development publications are written and display information in an easy to understand format so anyone can get involved in compliance and or maintenance of their property.

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As defects or maintenance issues occur, The Home Book will become a homeowner's main reference for determining how to proceed with every condition of home ownership. With more than 380 residential workmanship guidelines, the maintenance/repair responsibility is addressed to the homeowner or developer for the most common defects.

The National Home Maintenance Manual provides homeowners a guide to properly care for their home and to understand their responsibilities of home ownership. All components of home ownership and maintenance are covered, from understanding and making the most of your "walkthrough", to when and how to perform essential maintenance tasks. Maintenance instruction and frequency are stated to ensure proper upkeep.

The Handbook of Specifications and Scopes of Work for Trade Contractors covers specifications, methods of installation, and standards for 35 of the specialty trades that build and remodel houses. From foundations to roofing, and to interior finishes, the Handbook is a unique tool for trade contractors, builders, and homeowners.

House Fix It

The Building Standards Institute is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of providing consumer education in the field of residential construction. Additionally, the Building Standards Institute shares information among builders, specialty contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers regarding issues of SB 800 (The Right to Repair Law), product safety, methods of construction, and innovations in the trade. The Building Standards Institute draws upon the contributing efforts of industry leaders and technical experts. The mission of the Building Standards Institute is to provide timely, unbiased information to the Building Industry and consumers on issues such as building performance standards, code changes, maintenance suggestions, and new product information.

To learn more about The Building Standards Institute, please visit our affiliated website:

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