Property Condition Assessments

Evaluate physical conditions prior to purchase

Pacific InterWest offers property condition assessment services which are a beneficial pre-purchase activity that supply a potential buyer with a detailed evaluation of the physical condition of structures and site improvements. Property condition assessments include an assessment and photo documentation of existing conditions of the interior and exterior building assemblies, often performed on properties going through the due diligence period. One of the purposes of the assessment is to identify possible defects that would require repairs prior to closing.

Pacific InterWest conducts a visual, non-invasive and non-destructive inspection and photo documentation of existing conditions. Components observed may include the roofing, landscape and parking lot area, electrical service and sub panels, structural components, and HVAC system. If any additional mechanical or trade fixtures require inspection, PIW can coordinate the inspection with a partner company.

PIW assesses the roofing and HVAC units to determine the remaining functional life of each system. If the roofing or HVAC systems require repair, PIW provides a suggested scope of repairs and an estimated repair cost.

A comprehensive report is prepared to document existing conditions and defects observed, and identify any potential code violations. PIW includes a complete checklist indicating the condition of each item inspected along with photo and video documentation. All photos and videos captured during the assessment are provided electronically for archival purposes.

The inspection is performed by an ICC-certified building inspector with no less than 10 years of industry experience. PIW meets or exceeds all requirements for third-party inspectors as prescribed in California Civil Code Title 7, Section 43.99.

excerpt from report provided by PIW for property condition assessments
excerpt from a report for a property condition assessment executed by PIW
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