Extend the life of exterior wood decks and stairs

Ventilation will extend the life of your closed-soffit Exterior Elevated Elements (EEEs). Pacific InterWest offers two ventilation options, and vents can often be installed immediately following the inspection of EEEs. The two types of vents available are:

  1. PIW can install two-inch-round puck style vents into each of the holes drilled to perform the inspections of exterior elevated elements. This provides beneficial ventilation and much easier access in subsequent SB721 and SB326 inspections.
  2. PIW can install a removable strip vent on the bottom side of each of the Elements at the inboard and outboard side of the element. A slot is cut through the finish material, which is first used to perform the inspections of Exterior Elevated Elements. This method, which provides both ventilation and ease of access in subsequent inspections, is often preferred when the buildings are clad with wood or when there are long Elements such as walkways.
rendering and specs of puck style vent
rendering of removable strip vent
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