Homeowner Maintenance Manuals

Maintenance instruction for privately maintained unit areas compiled in one place

Pacific InterWest provides a unit-specific maintenance manual for the individual homeowners in print format and a single electronic format PDF file for the Client’s use. This manual includes interior and exterior maintenance instruction with a schedule of maintenance performance. Imperative contact information, association and warranty information, and Customer Care Program materials are also enclosed. The program includes a copy of The National Home Maintenance Manual, a unit manual covering the maintenance of the interior and exterior of all privately maintained unit areas, and a sign-off chart to record completed maintenance by the responsible individual for every homeowner.   

All pertinent documentation that the homeowner may need to properly care for their unit is compiled and archived in the manual so the homeowner can easily access the information in the future when needed. This information includes orientation and key release options, the Homebuilder’s limited warranty, manufactured product information and warranty information, the first 12-month customer care standard, and pertinent Homeowner Association information.

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