Exterior Wall Assembly Mockup Review and Water Testing

Ensure wall assemblies are weather tight

Over multiple site visits, Pacific InterWest personnel reviews the exterior wall mockup as it is under construction. When the assembly has been completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved, PIW performs water tests on the selected areas to determine if the assembly is weather tight.

wall assembly mock up under construction
wall assembly under construction

Water testing is performed using equipment and processes that are in compliance with the American Society of Testing Materials “ASTM” (AAMA 502-12 and ASTM E 1105). Testing is performed to isolate different materials to determine the source of any water intrusion that may occur. After each day of testing, our team provides worksheets with the results and reviews them with field representatives to facilitate the commencement of repair work if needed. A final report with recommendations is provided. If it is determined that additional testing is required due to failures observed, PIW can perform the testing and assist the Client in determining the best resolution.

exterior of building with storefront windows getting sprayed for water testing
storefront windows going through water testing performed by PIW
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